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Company Profile

PRINCO was founded in September 1983 and specialized in the development  of thin-film technology. With minimal external technical assistance  or additional support the dedicated and innovative PRINCO engineering team has built its technical reputation as a leader in thin-film technology. Through the years, this research and  development oriented company has achieved one success after  another.

Based on the technology we already had, PRINCO stepped into MCM technology in 1999. After several years' research and  development, we make it as a business type to be a professional module manufacturer and PCBA total solution service Provider. The follow lists are milestone of our company:

    1. 1983. Founded in S. B. I. P., HsinChu City, Taiwan.

    2. 1983~2011. Now, No. 1 tooling coating service in Taiwan.

    3. 1995~2011. Now, No. 1 branded CD-R, DVD maker in the world.

    4. 1999. MCM technology team established.

    5. 2003. MCM memory module developed.

    6. 2005. MCM production line established.

    7. 2007 Combo memory developed

    8. 2008. Media Player MCM core module developed.

    9. 2010. Intel X58 high-performance MB developed.

   10. 2010. DDR3 packaging and DIMM module developed.

   11. 2011. Cortex-A8 SOC packaging and MCM module developed.