About Princo

Founded in Septemper 1983 in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, Princo has become one of the best companies in IT field in Taiwan. With a dedicated,innovative engineering team, Princo has been successful in earning a reputation as the leader of thin-film technology. Great customer satisfaction and continuous innovationare are always the goals of Princo.

To maintain its competitive advantage in thin-film technology, Princo continues to aggressively pursue new applications and markets.In a rapidly changing world, creative and innovative ideas have been proved to be the key factors to success. Therefore Princo keeps investing a substantial amount of its resources into research and development. In this technology-driven market , Princo has been well prepared to face the future challenges!

About Princo Tooling Division

Tooling Division is the first division founded in Princo. In order to provide top service to customers, Princo Tooling Division continues to cooperate with Balzers, the worldwide leader in PVD coating technology for wear protection. Now Princo Tooling Division is the number one coating service provider in Taiwan. Since established in 1984, Princo Tooling Division not only has made a huge profit for the company but also has developed many advanced technologies in thin-film field, such as optical storage mouldings and precision machine coatings.

With more than 20 years experiences, Princo Tooling Division offers best service to meet customers' special needs and grows with them by providing state-of-the-art coating technologies. As the market changes rapidly and becomes more competitive than ever, Princo Tooling Division offers customized coating services and keeps developing a new generation of coatings , looking foward to providing better and more convenient services to customers.

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